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Royal British Legion
Chiang Mai Sub-Branch
Annual General Meeting
2nd December 2015

The Annual General Meeting convened at 1830 hours at the Chang Cooking School and Restaurant.

Board Members Present:
Chairman Mr. Trevor Dobson
Vice Chairman Mr. Barry Constantine
Secretary Mr. Roger Lindley
Treasurer Ms. Gill Dobson
Membership Secretary & Mr. John Burnett
Acting Welfare Representative
Poppy Appeal Organizer Mr. Richard Prouse

Members in Attendance
John Irvine, Carol Archer, Margaret Moll, Peter Moll, B. Houlden, Sally Ward, Victor Hayes, Colin Hagger, Patrick Ward, Nancy Lindley, and Peter Dawson and Rob Kelly.

Apologies received from
Lynn Constantine, Kevin Reilly, Roy Hudson, Ian Craig, Bill Manconachie, Shaun O’Rourke, David Walker, David Eastman and Bob Elkins.

Acceptance of minutes from AGM of 17th of December 2014
Victor Hayes proposed acceptance of the minutes as published and was seconded by John Burnett. The minutes were voted to be accepted as published.

Exaltation Chairman Trevor gave a brief explanation and history of the Exaltation and then read the Exaltation

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.”

Comments from the Chairman:

Thanks to all for attending the AGM and welcomed the Moll’s freshly arrived back from England and to Sally Ward on her return to Chiang Mai and renewal of membership in the Royal British Legion.

Roy Hudson passed on his thanks to the members of the Sub-Branch for thinking of him at his time of loss and for appointing him as an Honorary Member of the Sub-Branch.

Apologies from Mr. Graham McDonald who had planned to attend the AGM but was unable to do so because of business commitments in Singapore.

The Chairman referenced from the following position statement of Royal British Legion Holland Branch email:

“Regrettably it has become necessary for the Board and Committee of Holland Branch of The Royal British Legion to make the following formal statement.
The aims, purpose and priorities of the Royal British legion are quite clear and unequivocal. However there are various persons within our organization who seem to feel that Holland Branch is in place in the Netherlands to resolve personal issues between members and to be the forum for individuals to voice discontent and vindictive rhetoric about other individuals, especially on Social Media. This is most certainly not the case.
The Board and Committee of Holland Branch, who are all unpaid, committed, volunteers, expend enormous amounts of time and energy in trying to ensure that our Branch maintains a first class reputation. So far we have achieved very positive feedback and an excellent group of supporters and followers. However, we are in increasing danger of losing the respect of the very people that we have spent so much time encouraging, due to the actions of individuals.
In line with The Royal British Legion HQ guidelines, any member of the Branch who is deemed or considered by the Committee to have brought the Branch or the Royal British Legion into disrepute may, at the discretion of the Committee, have their membership immediately suspended and possibly terminated completely. Hopefully this post makes our position clear.”

The Sub-Branch has survived another year providing assistance to our community. The Help for Heroes organization is also helping in providing direct assistance to wounded members of the British Armed Forces. The Royal British Legion continues to spend millions of ponds each year on needed welfare.

The Sub-Branch has been somewhat nomadic in finding a new permanent home. The Gymkhana Club was given a trial evaluation and several members suggest it does not meet the needs of the Sub-Branch. The 2Gether Bar and Restaurant (more of a restaurant than a bar) is being explored as the new meeting location.

As with other organizations, it seems like the same people are regularly involved in organizing and staging Sub-Branch activities. New members need to be recruited. The new RBL on-line registration process has created problems for some members. If someone needs help with on-line registration help can be provided by members. The purpose of the new registration system is to help in controlling expenses.

In the past year the Sub-Branch lost two valued members, Tony Archer our Welfare Chairman and Warren Preddy. Thanks to members who were able to attend funerals during the year.

Chairman offered special thanks to Derek Higgs for keeping the RBL flag flying in Issaan and to Kevin Reilly for his efforts on behalf of the Sub-Branch in the UAE. A unanimous vote of thanks passed recognizing these two members efforts on behalf of the RBL.

Remembrance Day and Poppy Appeal
Richard Prouse reviewed Remembrance Day and Poppy Appeal. About one hundred and fifty people attended the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery. A piper could not be secured for the event but the bugler from Kawila Barracks played Last Post (twice). Astco once again donated the printing of the Order of Service. The Poppy Appeal ran for two weeks and finished on the 11th of November and not on Remembrance Sunday as in the past. There were eleven collection boxes in various pubs and the Gymkhana Club. In addition, there was a collection box at the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Foreign Ceremony. A table was manned at the Chiang Mai Expats Club October meeting and at the JJ Market Charity Fair in November raised a total of 22,389 Baht. In addition, Derek Higgs raised 5,630 Baht and Kevin Reilly raised 2,000 USD in the UAE. A total of 30,619 was raised at local Poppy Appeal boxes.

The Chairman stated that Kevin Reilly will be presenting funds raised when he arrives in Chiang Mai. This will bring total Sub-Branch contributions to 120,000 Baht. The Chairman extended his compliments to Richard Prouse for his efforts and to the British Deputy Head of Mission for support of Sub-Branch events.

John Burnett reviewed status of welfare cases. There had been only one active case which moved to Chiang Rai. John will be following up on status. Some people think that RBL will pay medical costs which is not true. In England the National Health Service (NHS) covers expenses . Carol Archer and Pat Ward volunteered to assist John in welfare cases where appropriate.

Gill Dobson reported 5,411 Baht in the Sub-Branch General Fund. In addition, Christmas Cards are available at 50% reduced pricing.

RBL Thailand
Chairman stated Bert Elson will be stepping down as Secretary for RBL Thailand due to busy schedule. Bert will remain continue as Welfare Chairman. After seven years of service Derek Brook will be stepping down as Chairman RBL Chonburi Branch due to health issues and other conflicts. Graham McDonald may decide to step down as President of RBL Thailand. The Chairman will be speaking with him to encourage Graham to stay on in some role in the RBL.

Officers and Committee Posts for Chiang Mai Sub-Branch for 2016
The following were unanimously supported for the following board positions for the Chiang Mai Sub-Branch of the Royal British Legion

Chairman Trevor Dobson
Vice Chairman Barry Constantine
Secretary Roger Lindley
Treasurer Gill Dobson
Membership Secretary John Burnett

Welfare Representative John Burnett
Poppy Appeal Richard Prouse
Remembrance Day Ceremony Richard Prouse
Social Events Secretary Sally Ward

Chairman Comments
Chairman will ask Bert Elson to conduct welfare training courses next year in Chiang Mai. One will be a two day basic course for new welfare members and a one day refresher course which is required every two years for current welfare members. Bert expressed interest in coming to Chiang Mai for the courses so he could meet local Sub-Branch members.

At past sub-branch meeting approval was given to purchase two ceramic poppies which had been on display at The Tower of London. The Sub-Branch purchased two of these ceramic poppies at 20 pounds each. The Chairman receive approval to present one of these to Kevin Reilly to take back to the UAE to show appreciation for their support.

Our club benefactor in China (Anonymous) has supported our Sub-Branch by donating 2,000 Baht retail price custom made shirts which the Sub-Branch sell fro 500 Baht each. The Chairman asks for Sally Ward’s ideas on how how the benefactor might be able to help in the future. Also, the Chairman received support for presenting the second ceramic poppy to our China benefactor as thanks for supporting our Sub-Branch.

The Chairman will donate one of the two ceramic poppies he personally purchased to the Poppy Appeal effort next year.

Question from Peter Dawson related to financial statement and amount of money held in the Sub-Branch General Fund. The Chairman and Treasurer explained the Sub-Branch can hold up to 10,000 Baht in the Sub-Branch General Fund and details are always available to membership regarding this fund.

Closing remarks

The Chairman gave a brief review of the history of the Kohima Epitaph. At the Kohima Battle 2,500 British and Indian defenders held off the attack of 15,000 Japanese soldiers. The Battle of Kohima was the turning point of the Japanese U Go offensive into India in 1944 in the Second World War. The battle was fought in three stages from 4 April to 22 June 1944 around the town of Kohima in Nagaland in northeast India.

The Chairman read the Kohima Epitaph:
‘When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today.’

Date of next meeting

Date to be announced

Meeting closed at 1930 hours.

Roger Lindley



Present at meeting: Trevor Dobson Chairman,Gill Dobson Treasurer,Roger Lindley Secretary, John Burnett Membeship Secretary, Victor Hayes Webmaster/PR Member, Richard Prouse Poppy Appeal/Remembrance Day

Meeting opened at about 1830 hours

1) Chairman Trevor Dobson reported on death of wife of Major Roy Hudson. Action: Agreed that Secretary (with checkoff by Chairman) to produce a letter of condolence to Roy Hudson on legion letterhead (letterhead to be provided by Chairman) . John Burnett Membership Secretary will provide mailing address to Secretary.

2) Chairman Trevor Dobson reported on meeting with Commander of Chiang Mai Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Post. The VFW membership voted not to participate as a group in the Remembrance Day event with the RBL. They wish to pursue their own event at 0800 hours and were told of their need to coordinate with the Foreign Cemetery Committee. VFW requested to have representation present at the Remembrance Day ceremony and were told they are welcome to have representation and for those participating to attend gathering at Gymkhana Club after ceremony. Commander of VFW expressed interest in the VFW Chapter and the RBL Sub-branch having a joint social event at some future date.

3) Richard Prouse reported on Poppy Appeal, Remembrance Day and JJ Market activities.

Poppy Appeal
The official Poppy Appeal dates have been modified by RBL and will run from Thursday 22nd of October until Wednesday 11th of November.
Poppy Appeal boxes are ready for placement. They will be placed at: The Pub, Zoom Bar, CEC meeting location, Pern’s Restaurant, O’Malley’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, Sausage King Garden Restaurant, Thai European Sports Bar and Number 1 Bar.

Remembrance Day
Kawila Barracks has received letter requesting the buglar be provided for the ceremony.
Action: Victor was asked if possible to follow-up with Kawila Barracks.
Richard has provided documentation to British Embassy in Bangkok related to costs and request for financial support for this year’s ceremony. If spending funding from Embassy does not match spending required for ceremony Sub-branch funds are available for interim support – per Chairman and Treasurer.
Wreaths will be secured for presentation by British Embassy, British Honorary Consul and Doctor Bob representing the Sub-branch.
There has been no response on attendance by US Consulate. The British Embassy will probably be represented by Deputy Head of Mission. The Honorary Canadian Consul has responded he will attend.

JJ Market
The JJ Market Charity event will occur on Saturday the 21st of November. Richard Prouse has reserved a table for promotion of the RBL and for sale of items to provide funds for the Sub-branch. Chairman Trevor will work on locating items for sale at the table.

4) Membership and dues were discussed. ACTION: Membership Chairman will send to members information explaining the process for on-line dues payment.

5) There was general discussion of sub-chapter meeting location and possible other meeting locations. The Sub-chapter will remain at present location for the near term.

6) There was discussion of plans for Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Christmas Dinner. A tentative date has been set of Wednesday the 16th of December. The tentative times for AGM are 1830-1930 followed by buffet dinner from 1930-2030. There will probably need to be a “reservation but no show” payment policy to cover costs of food purchased based on reservations made.

7) Treasurer Gill Dobson reported that there is 7,448 Baht in the Sub-branch General Account.

8) Victor Hayes requests that if anyone has article quality information telling about the good things that the Royal British Legion does in Thailand please send on to him. Victor informed committee of his pending move to Udon Thani in early February. He will continue in his present role with the Sub-branch via internet.

9) Discussion related to new on-hand RBL related clothing items which to-date remain unsold. It was decided attempt to sell these items at Chiang Mai Expats Club, Remembrance Day and JJ Market Charity events

10) Meeting adjourned at 1946 hours

Submitted by: Secretary Roger Lindley
23rd of October 2015

The Royal British Legion Thailand
Minutes of the B.G.M. held at Gymkhana Club 7pm Wednesday 15th August 2015

In Attendance
Mr. T Dobson Chairman
Mr. Secretary
Mr. J Burnett Membership
Mr. R Prouse Poppy Appeal Organiser
Messrs.’ . Walker, Duncan, Lindley, Hayes, Elkins, Kelly, Hagger, Irvine, Thompsom, Brown.
Mrs. Archer, Lindley.

Apologies for Absence
Messer’s Ward, Preddy, Hudson, Campbell, Eastmond, Reilly, Gross, Phelps, Dawson, Williams, Holden.
Mrs. Dobson, Maynard

The meeting opened with the Exhortation.

Chairman’s opening remarks
The Chairman welcomed all those present and reminded everyone that this was the rearranged BGM with a limited agenda to discuss the important issue of the Sub Branch continuing in Chiang Mai.

Matters arising from the previous meeting
There were no matters arising from the previous BGM.

Chairman’s Address
The Chairman thanked the all members of the committee and those members present for their continued support throughout the year he also thanked the few members of the branch who were involved in the events.
He asked for continued support for the Branch our upcoming Remembrance Service and the Poppy Appeal.

Is the Sub Branch to continue in Chiang Mai
Those present had an open discussion on this subject with a number of members including Bob Duncan, Bob Elkins, Nancy Lindley and Ben Svasti Thompson stating that the Branch had a lot to offer especially when involved in welfare work.
A number of suggestions were put forward including closer ties with the Expat’s Club.
The unanimous decision was that the Chiang Mai Sub Branch should continue with renewed efforts to increase membership.

Nominations for Sub Branch Secretary
Roger Lindley kindly volunteered to take over as Sub Branch Secretary in the absence of any other coming forward Roger was very quickly unanimously voted in.

Assistance with Poppy Appeal
Richard Prouse talked about the up and coming Appeal and asked for assistance.
John Burnett, John Irvine, Dennis Brown and Colin Hagger responded that they would assist. Richard will form his own Poppy Appeal Committee.

Welfare Training
Since the passing of Tony Archer, John Burnett and Trevor Dobson are the only trained welfare officers in the North. With Trevor increasingly being away with work the burden has fallen on John to carry out this important role.
Rob Kelly agreed to help out and attend the next training course to be held in Chiang Mai.

Meeting venue
After a long debate it was proposed that social meetings would be held on a trial basis at the Gymkhana Club. Rob Kelly enthused the virtues of the Club, David Walker a long time member and former committee member whilst welcoming the move advised that the Club Committee could change every year and that not all members would welcome our attendance.
Proposed By R Kelly Seconded By Mrs. Archer
Passed Carried

Officers Reports
The secretary informed the meeting that membership stood at;
Chonburi 212
Chiang Mai 39
Total 251

Welfare Report
Our Welfare Team have once again been dealing with a number of cases throughout the North of Thailand many of them lengthy and complicated.
With the recent sad death of Tony Archer our Chiang Mai welfare Chairman we may need to hold a course here. There may also be a Hospital Visitors Role that is being looked at.
Lastly many thanks to the Welfare Team who often carry out their work without fault in often very stressful situations.

Any Other Business
The Chairman announced that he had received a communication from Major Roy Hudson ( our oldest member) stating that due to failing eyesight and health he no longer felt that he could attend the branch meeting.
Dr. Bob Duncan proposed that the branch should extend an open invitation to Roy to be an Honorary Member to which there was total agreement with a resounding” Yes “for this well respected member.

Proposed By Dr. Bob Duncan Seconded By N Lindley
Passed Carried

Presentation and Adoption of Accounts
The Chairman in the absence of Treasurer presented the accounts, a copy of which was available to all members present
Proposed By Bob Elkins Seconded By John Irvine
That the Accounts be passed Carried

Looking Ahead
The Chairman reported that the Branch Committee would arrange a meeting to plan future events.

The Chairman closed the meeting thanking all who had attended and especially Roger for stepping up.

Signed T Dobson Chairman 27 August 2015

Signed R Lindley Secretary 27 August 2015

The Royal British Legion Chiang Mai (Sub) Thailand
Activities 2018
  • Wed 14th Feb Valentine Buffet at 2GetherBar & Restaurant.
  • Wed 04th Apr Dinner at “My Kitchen”.
  • Mon 28th May 10:00 hrs Memorial Day service at the foreign cemetary with the VFW.
  • Sat 9th June Committee meeting.
  • Sun 11th Nov Remembrance Service.
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