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Chiang Mai Sub-Branch
Monday 25th Of January 2016
2Gether Bar and Restaurant, Chiang Mai , Thailand
1900 – 2000 Hours

Committee Members present: Trevor Dobson, John Burnett, Richard Prouse and Victor Hayes
Reports and Discussions:
The social coordinator, Sally Ward, presented to the Committee her suggestions for fundraising and social events for our sub-chapter.
Wednesday, 9th of March a social event at The Red Lion for a meal with choices of fish and chips, steak and Guinnis pie & chips or vegetable Pad Thai. Price of 260 Baht per person with a maximum seating of 25 persons. (NOTE: recent information indicates date may change to Wednesday, 2nd of March –please standby)
Wednesday, 18th of May at the Holiday Inn with an International buffet at a cost of 400 Baht per person. The first lottery draw for prizes of 5000/3000/2000 Baht prizes. Extended Happy Hour to 9 pm. If choose to bring own wine a corkage fee of 200 Baht. Suggested should invite the local Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) to event.
In July for the Queen’s Birthday a river cruise with a maximum sign-up of either 25 or 45 depending on number of bookings.
Saturday, 26th of November the City Life Garden Party at JJ Market.
December, the final lottery draw and annual Christmas Dinner for sub-chapter.
Sally is inquiring on local production of ceramic pottery poppy broaches and “in- the-ground” poppy to be used for fund raising for sub-branch.
The Committee had following discussions:
Chairman Trevor Dobson asked for thoughts on an “Old Geezer Tin Man” event starting at Center of The Universe which might have a 100 meter swim, 10 km bicycle ride and a 5 km walk. As with the walk last year, participants would have sponsors for their participation.

Membership Chairman John Burnett reported on impact of on-line membership renewal. Hopefully a report will be received detailing sub-branch membership. In addition, the 200 Baht that has traditionally been held per member at sub-branch on membership renewal is now not available. It was suggested it might be appropriate to have a communication to members asking for a voluntary donation of 200 Baht per member to the sub-branch General Fund.
Chairman Trevor suggested there might be other opportunities for raising awareness of The Royal British Legion such as: The Queen’s 90th birthday in July. Battle of Britain Day; Battle of Jutland Day; and other nationality major event days.
Treasurer report of Sub-branch General Fund Balance of 8,027 Baht.

Chairman Trevor told of Kanchanaburi’s interest if coming to visit the Chiang Mai sub-branch for a social sometime in the current year.

Victor Hayes announced that Sunday, the 14th of February would be the “Big 60” event for him.

The committee meeting ended at 2000 hours.

Reported by

Roger Lindley
Sub-branch Secretary

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The Royal British Legion Chiang Mai (Sub) Thailand
Activities 2018
  • Wed 14th Feb Valentine Buffet at 2GetherBar & Restaurant.
  • Wed 04th Apr Dinner at “My Kitchen”.
  • Mon 28th May 10:00 hrs Memorial Day service at the foreign cemetary with the VFW.
  • Sat 9th June Committee meeting.
  • Sun 11th Nov Remembrance Service.
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