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    Tweet MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING Chiang Mai Sub-Branch Wednesday, 18th Of January 2017 2Gether Bar and Restaurant, Chiang Mai , Thailand 1807 – 1855 Hours Committee Members present: Trevor Dobson, Gill Dobson, Barry Constantine , John Burnett, Richard Prouse, Roger Lindley and Victor Hayes Reports and Discussions: Chairman Trevor opened the meeting and thanked all […]
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Present at meeting: Trevor Dobson Chairman,Gill Dobson Treasurer,Roger Lindley Secretary, John Burnett Membeship Secretary, Victor Hayes Webmaster/PR Member, Richard Prouse Poppy Appeal/Remembrance Day

Meeting opened at about 1830 hours

1) Chairman Trevor Dobson reported on death of wife of Major Roy Hudson. Action: Agreed that Secretary (with checkoff by Chairman) to produce a letter of condolence to Roy Hudson on legion letterhead (letterhead to be provided by Chairman) . John Burnett Membership Secretary will provide mailing address to Secretary.

2) Chairman Trevor Dobson reported on meeting with Commander of Chiang Mai Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Post. The VFW membership voted not to participate as a group in the Remembrance Day event with the RBL. They wish to pursue their own event at 0800 hours and were told of their need to coordinate with the Foreign Cemetery Committee. VFW requested to have representation present at the Remembrance Day ceremony and were told they are welcome to have representation and for those participating to attend gathering at Gymkhana Club after ceremony. Commander of VFW expressed interest in the VFW Chapter and the RBL Sub-branch having a joint social event at some future date.

3) Richard Prouse reported on Poppy Appeal, Remembrance Day and JJ Market activities.

Poppy Appeal
The official Poppy Appeal dates have been modified by RBL and will run from Thursday 22nd of October until Wednesday 11th of November.
Poppy Appeal boxes are ready for placement. They will be placed at: The Pub, Zoom Bar, CEC meeting location, Pern’s Restaurant, O’Malley’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, Sausage King Garden Restaurant, Thai European Sports Bar and Number 1 Bar.

Remembrance Day
Kawila Barracks has received letter requesting the buglar be provided for the ceremony.
Action: Victor was asked if possible to follow-up with Kawila Barracks.
Richard has provided documentation to British Embassy in Bangkok related to costs and request for financial support for this year’s ceremony. If spending funding from Embassy does not match spending required for ceremony Sub-branch funds are available for interim support – per Chairman and Treasurer.
Wreaths will be secured for presentation by British Embassy, British Honorary Consul and Doctor Bob representing the Sub-branch.
There has been no response on attendance by US Consulate. The British Embassy will probably be represented by Deputy Head of Mission. The Honorary Canadian Consul has responded he will attend.

JJ Market
The JJ Market Charity event will occur on Saturday the 21st of November. Richard Prouse has reserved a table for promotion of the RBL and for sale of items to provide funds for the Sub-branch. Chairman Trevor will work on locating items for sale at the table.

4) Membership and dues were discussed. ACTION: Membership Chairman will send to members information explaining the process for on-line dues payment.

5) There was general discussion of sub-chapter meeting location and possible other meeting locations. The Sub-chapter will remain at present location for the near term.

6) There was discussion of plans for Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Christmas Dinner. A tentative date has been set of Wednesday the 16th of December. The tentative times for AGM are 1830-1930 followed by buffet dinner from 1930-2030. There will probably need to be a “reservation but no show” payment policy to cover costs of food purchased based on reservations made.

7) Treasurer Gill Dobson reported that there is 7,448 Baht in the Sub-branch General Account.

8) Victor Hayes requests that if anyone has article quality information telling about the good things that the Royal British Legion does in Thailand please send on to him. Victor informed committee of his pending move to Udon Thani in early February. He will continue in his present role with the Sub-branch via internet.

9) Discussion related to new on-hand RBL related clothing items which to-date remain unsold. It was decided attempt to sell these items at Chiang Mai Expats Club, Remembrance Day and JJ Market Charity events

10) Meeting adjourned at 1946 hours

Submitted by: Secretary Roger Lindley
23rd of October 2015

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The Royal British Legion Chiang Mai (Sub) Thailand
Activities 2018
  • Wed 14th Feb Valentine Buffet at 2GetherBar & Restaurant.
  • Wed 04th Apr Dinner at “My Kitchen”.
  • Mon 28th May 10:00 hrs Memorial Day service at the foreign cemetary with the VFW.
  • Sat 9th June Committee meeting.
  • Sun 11th Nov Remembrance Service.
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