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  • How PTSD Damages Our Soldiers
    Tweet The Silent Enemy: How PTSD Damages Our Soldiers An infographic aiming to raise awareness about PTSD in the military.
  • Remembrance Day Foreign Cemetery November 11
    Tweet Remembrance Day at the Foreign Cemetery organised by the Royal British Legion
    Tweet MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING Chiang Mai Sub-Branch Wednesday, 18th Of January 2017 2Gether Bar and Restaurant, Chiang Mai , Thailand 1807 – 1855 Hours Committee Members present: Trevor Dobson, Gill Dobson, Barry Constantine , John Burnett, Richard Prouse, Roger Lindley and Victor Hayes Reports and Discussions: Chairman Trevor opened the meeting and thanked all […]
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HM Forces Veterans Badge

You can get an armed forces veterans badge if you’ve served in any of the UK armed forces – there’s no fee.

HM Forces Veterans Badge

HM Forces Veterans Badge


You can apply if you were in the:

Royal Navy
Royal Marines
Royal Air Force (RAF)
volunteer or regular reserves

How to apply

Download and fill in the application for an armed forces veterans badge.
application for an armed forces veterans badge.

You’ll need to give as much information as possible, such as:

type of service, eg army or Royal Navy
service number
period of service

Send the form by post, fax or email to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Medal Office – the address is on the form.

You can also apply using the freephone helpline.

MOD Medal Office
Freephone (UK only): 0808 1914 218
Telephone (from overseas): +44 1253 866 043
Fax: 01452 510 871

The authority for the instigation of the HMAFVB was the, then Minister for Veterans,Ivor Caplin MP. The original concept behind this Ministry of Defence initiative was for it to be made available to those Second World War veterans who applied for the Heroes Return scheme in 2004/5, which formed part of the celebrations for 60th Anniversary of the events that led to the end of the Second World War.
This scheme formed part of the “Veterans Reunited” programme which focused on overseas visits for veterans, their spouses or widows and their carers and enabled veterans to make overseas visits
to commemorate the campaigns in which they participated. The idea being that the badge would clearly identify the wearer as a veteran when undertaking such an overseas visit.

Initially, the HMAFVB was only intended for issue to those veterans returning to the battlefields of the Second World War; however, interest and demand was so great that the eligibility was then extended to all veterans of World War One, World War Two, and those in receipt of a widow(ers) pension. The decision was therefore taken to promote the HMAFVB as a survivor’s badge that would act as a visible symbol of recognition, intended to unite all veterans and raise the general public’s awareness of them.
Consequently eligibility to apply for the HMAFVB was extended in tranches to allow the Veterans Agency (now SPVA) to cope with demand and achieve the current position where all veterans can apply for it. Personnel leaving the Armed Forces automatically receive a Badge within their Service Leavers Pack.

We do replace lost and stolen badges but generally only once (we are content for theSPVA to use some discretion and judgement on an individual basis). However, if the badge is broken and is returned to us then we will of course replace it.

The badge does not have the status of an official honour or commemorative awardsuch as a campaign medal. It is issued to those veterans who apply for it and recipients are encouraged to wear it whenever they wish. There can be no overarching official ruling on when and where the badge should be worn, it is a matter of personal choice other than when attending a formal event, when the organiser may choose to advise those attending.

Veterans are advised and encouraged to wear the badge in public whenever they choose as this serves to visibly raise awareness of the number and varying ages of veterans living in the community. Its symbolism is intended to unite all veterans in recognising the commonality of their service, to encourage a sense of community between surviving veterans and to ignite public recognition of current veterans and their continuing contribution to society.

More information at https://www.gov.uk/apply-medal-or-veterans-badge/apply-for-a-veterans-badge

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The Royal British Legion Chiang Mai (Sub) Thailand
Activities 2018
  • Wed 14th Feb Valentine Buffet at 2GetherBar & Restaurant.
  • Wed 04th Apr Dinner at “My Kitchen”.
  • Mon 28th May 10:00 hrs Memorial Day service at the foreign cemetary with the VFW.
  • Sat 9th June Committee meeting.
  • Sun 11th Nov Remembrance Service.
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